Car Repairs

No matter what make and model of car you own, Sonny Tyre & Autocare can fix any problem, big or small!


Our fully qualified team of experts are confident, hands-on and have a wealth of expertise to offer when it comes to a wide range of mechanical work, most of which is done directly on site and using only premium quality parts that all fall under manufacturer’s warranty.

The services we offer include:

Radiator/Cooling System Repairs

The radiator system helps aid the cooling process in your car, so it’s important to make sure that it’s always running properly to avoid overheating.

All Engine Repairs - Auto Mechanical

Our team of experts can help repair all kinds of auto mechanical issues, from simple engine repairs to installing brand new motors, all at highly competitive prices.

Auto Electrical Repairs

In your car, the lighting system, electricity stability system and electronic fuel system obviously rely on electricity. But if any problems happen to occur and you do not resolve the issue quickly, it might result in other long-term problems. Be sure to have your car’s electrical system checked every couple of years so your vehicle remains roadworthy.

All Steering, Suspension and Shock Absorbers

To ensure your car is always running safe and smooth on the road, it’s important that it receives regular auto care and service, which can help to maintain your car’s steering responsiveness and stability.

Transmission Service and Repairs

It’s important to keep your car’s transmission maintained through regular servicing. If you don’t, long-term performance might be affected and can result in other problems in the long run, including grinding or shaking gears, low or leaking fluid, gear slippage or clunky noises.

We specialise in all Australian, European and 4WD vehicles, as well as diesel vehicles

No matter what make and model of car you own, Sonny Tyre & Autocare can fix any problem, big or small!